Be Someone That Makes You Happy

As the saying goes, “The only constant in life is change.” In my experience, the only constant in life is soul searching. We spend countless hours searching the inner-depths of our souls trying to figure out who we are. Do we every really figure it out? I do not doubt that we understand those things that make us joyful, gloomy, livid, frustrated, and jubilant or any other emotion. However, I do doubt that we ever reach totality when it comes to searching our souls. Our lives are about transition, change, and remaining works in progress to become something greater than we were the day before.

So, how do you go about searching your soul? What avenue becomes your path and did you choose the correct one? How do you know you’ve done it correctly? There are no correct answers to any of these questions. We often seek validation so we are aware we’ve done it right, the proverbial pat on the back or applause that gives a resounding job well done. However, when you are in the thick of it, scraping the bottom of your soul, it’s never that validation or applause that matters. It’s about your self-love and SELF-VALIDATION. Are you comfortable with the place you’ve reached? Are you comfortable with who you’ve become? Are you comfortable? Our lives should be about pleasing ourselves first, rocking who we are to the fullest extent. Do I believe our families’ and friends’ opinions matter?  Yes. We love these people with the very depths soul we are searching. However, their support and approval should be ancillary. We should have already decided for ourselves and be comfortable with whatever decision needs to be made. At the end of the day, it’s your soul that is being searched.

I have spent many years and still struggle with validation seeking. I am a work in progress. I recognize the ways in which I’ve sought validation, but more than ever, I recognize the powerhouse I am. I have never really lived up to my full-potential for some reason or another. I understand that the only thing that can hold me back is fear. However, I am a woman of faith; how can I say I have faith and then fear? Those two things cannot co-exist. So, I am going to strive every day to be someone that makes me happy. So, what do you rock daily? I dare you to find out.

Be Happy


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